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1390187_earpieces_.jpgWhen you are investigating insurance fraud, what is technology really good for? The answer may surprise you: Listening.

Listening: Everyone knows what it is. Everyone knows how to do it. And everyone believes they do it well. Whether it’s investigating insurance fraud, negotiating a business deal, or trying a case, it’s perhaps the single most important skill you need in order to succeed. Whether it’s the company rep you’re negotiating with or the witness you’re interviewing, you will always have a better chance to succeed if you actually listen to them.

Listening is really just paying attention; to the person you are talking to; to what she’s saying; doing; to what she really means. Often, like the pages of a good book, you have to dig beneath the surface to get the true meaning. Standing alone, her words may say one thing; when they are put with everything she’s said before, they may mean something else; and when combined with her actions, her words will often mean something completely different. If you only hear her words, you’ll never know what she is trying to say. If you listen to her and pay attention to all the important details, then you’ll understand.

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