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swing-in-a-park-1351566-m.jpgHave you ever wanted to do absolutely nothing: nothing real, nothing hard, nothing serious, at least not for a little while? Maybe lie down on the beach, read a good book, go play a round of miniature golf with your family and friends? Just be a little silly, just a little?

Remember when you were a kid, when you had the summer to yourself, to do what you wanted when you wanted with whoever you wanted? Just go find some friends and play: a game of basketball, or stickball, or maybe a game of manhunt; whatever you and your friends decided to do, however you agreed to do it. You and your friends would make up the game, and maybe the rules as you went. You’d try to be fair, make sure everyone had a shot, but still try to win. It might have been a long time ago but it still was memorable.

Well maybe all fun and games aren’t only fun and games after all. Maybe they’re a necessary part of life that can tell you a lot about a person and how they interact with others, how they handle complex social interactions, get along with people and convince them to participate in activities. Maybe, just maybe, they also can help you pick a jury. Yes, this is a law blog, and yes, everything has to get around to the law sooner or later; though it sure is fun to think of being 14 again with the whole summer in front of you.

While driving to work the other day I heard an interesting story on NPR’s Morning Edition. They were interviewing a Canadian researcher, a fellow by the name of Sergio Pellis. He was saying how important recess is to children; that countries that have more recess usually have students that perform better academically than those with less. It was more than just that, though: free play is what’s important, and the reasons were fascinating.
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